Sexuality, Relationship & Social Education for people with Disabilities

Accessible customised programs integrating sex, social, and
dating skills to meet each participant’s unique needs at
About In2woven

Personalised relationship coaching for persons with disabilities

At In2Woven, we provide tailored educational support to people with disabilities and their support networks. Our mission is to build capacity for safe relationships and social connections through comprehensive and personalised programs.

Tailored Educational Support

Personalised programs to help individuals develop safe relationships and social skills.

Inclusive and Supportive Environment

Creating a space where everyone can learn, grow, and build meaningful connections.

Comprehensive sex, dating and social education for people with disabilities

Providing Accessible Connections for People with a disability

At In2Woven, our three programs are uniquely customised and integrated to meet the specific needs of each participant. Whether the requirement is sex and social skills, social and dating skills, or all three, we can customise a program that will work. We use the PEERS program for social skills, modify it visually, incorporate components of PEERS for dating, and integrate comprehensive sex education. All programs are designed and optimised for a person with disabilities. This personalised approach ensures each person receives the support they need based on their own life experiences and their learning style.

Body Rights & Personal Safety

Learn about Body Rights, Personal Safety and Seeking Support.

Consent & Healthy Boundaries

Learn about Boundary setting, Healthy Relationships, Consent and the law.

Personalised Sexual Health

Learn about pleasure, sexual and reproductive health.

Communication Techniques

Learn and practice effective social and communication techniques.

One-on-one coaching session

Personalised coaching in small groups or one to one support.

Real-Life Social Scenarios

Practice techniques through modelling & role play to build confidence.

Achieve Relationship Goals

Set and achieve personal relationship goals through structured and supportive activities.

Increase Dating Confidence

Improve dating confidence through practicing conversations, modelling and role plays.

Safe Dating Opportunities

Support to develop romantic connections, both locally and

Preventing domestic violence disabilities

Inclusive & Accessible Education on Sex, Dating, and Social Skills.

High Rates of Violence & Abuse

People with disabilities face significantly higher rates of violence, with women with disabilities twice as likely to experience sexual violence compared to those without disabilities.

High Rates of Violence & Abuse

People with disabilities face significantly higher rates of violence, with women with disabilities twice as likely to experience sexual violence compared to those without disabilities.

Increased Loneliness & Social Isolation

Nearly 30% of people with disabilities experience chronic loneliness, highlighting the need for improved social skills and connections.

Physical & Sexual Violence

46% with cognitive disabilities experience sexual violence, triple that of non-disabled adults. 40% of women with disabilities face physical violence post-15.

Chronic Loneliness

29% of people with disabilities aged 15-64 experience loneliness, compared to 17% without disabilities; 70% of young people with a disabilities report chronic loneliness.

Educational Impact

Comprehensive education on sex, relationships, and social skills can significantly reduce the risk of abuse and improve overall well-being for individuals with disabilities.

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Sam from In2woven offers a valuable person centred service empowering people with disability to explore sexuality and healthy relationships in an inclusive fun environment. Outcomes are effective, tailored to personal needs and support people to thrive in community. I highly recommend linking in with Sam/In2woven to explore one’s full potential in living life fully…. Thanks for your great work Sam…..
Traci Adams
Traci Adams
Sam at In2woven is an exceptional sexuality and relationship development educator, specialising in empowering individuals with disabilities. Her compassionate approach and deep expertise make complex topics accessible and empowering. Sam's work fosters a safe and inclusive environment, promoting essential understanding and support for sexual health. In2woven's impact is profound, bridging gaps in education with sensitivity and respect. Sam at In2woven is truly instrumental in advocating for sexual health rights and equality for all.
Tayla Livingston
Tayla Livingston
Both personally and professionally I have utilized Sam’s therapy on one of the most important areas of human life. Sam holds an authentic space and keeps it personally professional, fun and very real. All approaches are inclusive to the persons needs ensuring people feel safe, supported and empowered within themselves and relationships.
leah louise
leah louise